Monday, 16 June 2008

Je bent mijn valentijn

I found this Dutch poem sweet. I edited some of the lines since it was so long and no enough space in the card. I gave this to my hubby last valentine 2008.

"Je bent mijn valentijn" (You are my valentine)

"Vandaag hou ik van je, (today, I love you)
morgen nog een stukje meer. (tommorow is even more)
Ik denk dat het elke dag zo zal zijn, (I think that everyday would be like that)
elke dag weer. (everyday again)

Je hebt geen idee wat je voor me betekent, ( you have no idea what is it meant for me)
en wat je met me doet. ( and what you've done to me)
Ik ben echt gek op je, (I'm crazy for you)
lief, jij maakt alles goed. (love, you make everything good)

Nog maar 25 maanden bij elkaar, (Being just 25 months together)
en toch al zo vertrouwd. (but even so promising)
in goede en slechte tijden, (in good and bad times)
vergeet nooit dat ik van je hou." (forget me not that I love you)

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

a heart's prayer

i heard the raindrops outside falling,
the wind brushing...
i'm lying in bed wrapped by a cold blanket...
i gnawed inside.

outside is dark and cold...even so wet.
suddenly, my cheeks get wet...teardrops running,
that i can't resist.
my heart is aching. the heaven is pouring.

where are the happy hearts?
i'm longing for open arms.
take me out from cold...
outside is damned cold...but inside
is even drizzly empty.

but i can't stand inside, neither outside.
to whom should i run to?
blinded eyes are not trustworthy.
i maybe vendicted unfairly.

kind patience is gone...
gentleness is subtle.
where is your passion?
am i now blind too?

wishing to be senseless...
not to be stone but a rock.
get stronger when being stormed.
(only a wish...)
but i won't let it happen...
pain is what is cost for life.

just spare me from judging eyes.
spare me from hard conscience.
let my fragility breaks.

stop the roaring thunder...
it's a noise i can't bare.
let the sweet words stream...
to sooth the scratch or wound.

i am sorry.
it's your hand i must hold onto,
after the rain, there's a rainbow.
meadows are green...
the flocks and birds are singing.

i am sorry.
some people might not see.
drowned by false thoughts...
lavished by angst and anxieties.

i am sorry.
You are Lord,
whom i must bowed,
submit my heartaches to...

please be my guide,
and my shelter...

in time of rain. Amen.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

a battle to remember...

I would just like to share this poem which was publish in The Vision, a campus magazine of University of Southeastern Philippines-College of Development Management, issued March 1999, Vol. 2 No. 2, Davao City.
This is dedicated to all the street manpower crying out their battle against all odds of the Philippine all of you...I remembered those days.

(Written in Filipino, the Philippine national language).


Bawat bukang-liwayway,
Bawat ihip ng hangin,
Mabahung basura,
Sa putikang lupa.
Sagad sa init,
Sa naghihingalong sikmura.

Pagod sa paghahanap,
Sa yakap na napakailap tag-ulan...tagtuyo...
Nakikibakang nakayapak,
naging pipi at walang pakpak.

Kay higpit ng sinturon,
Sakal hanggang leeg,
Ng lipunang mapanupil.
Isang lintang hayok sa dugo'y kumikitil.

sa katawa'y nag-aalumpihit,
Sa nakaambang unos,
Sa laman ay tagos.

Nakakuyom ang kamao,
At pangang nagngingitngit.
Isang mistulang Diyos,
Akala mo'y tupa,
Ngunit isang multong lampa.

Sa kalagitnaan ng alon,
Lunurin ang tinuringang alupihan,
Sa sarili'y namamalikmata.

Karaniwang tao.
Ikaw ba'y humihinga pa?
Hubarin ang piring,
Sa manhid na kaluluwa.
Kaya pa ba?
Bumangon ka!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Struggle of Nightmare

This a poem about the exuberance of youth...the warmness of freedom that nobody can take it away but being threatened by the society nowadays.

How far the sky is?
I wish to fly
As the birds above
To touch the clouds
And kiss her breast perhaps.

Gazing those stars
Twinkling and glare
The color that tempts
Like a lion that stares
Fierce and cruel beast.

Running far away
Away from the sun
Sun got mad,
When the moon touched
By this cold hand of earth.

Comets and meteorites were called
To choke the intruder to death
And throw her painly
To the lake of fire
Into the temple of doom.

Damn! the little one
Take the curse until dawn
Capture the evil
She has no place to hide,
None, but in hell.

Scourge is all yours
Stump me like a rat
I am quanit and eccentric
Truly helpless and anxious
A body of innocense.

Anybody from this darkness,
Take me out from the spell of shadows,
Rise me up! And pour your blood!
To quench my thirst that impedes my throat.

I am queer,
A stranger with ambitions
I'm nothing indeed.
But a serpent of illusions
Frighten me if you will,
Gape, gape the earth....!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Dedicated to Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity and Sorority.

I shall think on the last thirteenth day of October.
The grandeurs of happiness it brings and bares
Though there's pain and anxiety lingered
The dance of death in my head was shattered.

The better dawning, from break of day.
I count the steady tickling of sounds
I hear the nervous beating of my heart
Same with the rhythmic beat of sounds
Waiting when the sunset glow to embrace
And abreast the glorious.

Now hear the joyous hymn
The lofty steeple of universality
A cheer of comfort and warmth
To dig the heart of seed
So deeply buried.

Indeed, it's my survival
Time to rise up from fall
To wake up from an endless sleep
Then hear the great voices that sound.

"Awake! said the sunshine creep into the light.
Arise! said the raindrops
And tears will be dried."

Then my omega day falls
Time to fill my veins with blood
And make my pale skin red
to push the rock of fears
Down the dangerous cliff
Into the spring of bliss and joy.

(Note: 13th October, 1996, was my omega day. Publish in The Vision, October 1998).