Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Dedicated to Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity and Sorority.

I shall think on the last thirteenth day of October.
The grandeurs of happiness it brings and bares
Though there's pain and anxiety lingered
The dance of death in my head was shattered.

The better dawning, from break of day.
I count the steady tickling of sounds
I hear the nervous beating of my heart
Same with the rhythmic beat of sounds
Waiting when the sunset glow to embrace
And abreast the glorious.

Now hear the joyous hymn
The lofty steeple of universality
A cheer of comfort and warmth
To dig the heart of seed
So deeply buried.

Indeed, it's my survival
Time to rise up from fall
To wake up from an endless sleep
Then hear the great voices that sound.

"Awake! said the sunshine creep into the light.
Arise! said the raindrops
And tears will be dried."

Then my omega day falls
Time to fill my veins with blood
And make my pale skin red
to push the rock of fears
Down the dangerous cliff
Into the spring of bliss and joy.

(Note: 13th October, 1996, was my omega day. Publish in The Vision, October 1998).

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