Thursday, 7 June 2007

Struggle of Nightmare

This a poem about the exuberance of youth...the warmness of freedom that nobody can take it away but being threatened by the society nowadays.

How far the sky is?
I wish to fly
As the birds above
To touch the clouds
And kiss her breast perhaps.

Gazing those stars
Twinkling and glare
The color that tempts
Like a lion that stares
Fierce and cruel beast.

Running far away
Away from the sun
Sun got mad,
When the moon touched
By this cold hand of earth.

Comets and meteorites were called
To choke the intruder to death
And throw her painly
To the lake of fire
Into the temple of doom.

Damn! the little one
Take the curse until dawn
Capture the evil
She has no place to hide,
None, but in hell.

Scourge is all yours
Stump me like a rat
I am quanit and eccentric
Truly helpless and anxious
A body of innocense.

Anybody from this darkness,
Take me out from the spell of shadows,
Rise me up! And pour your blood!
To quench my thirst that impedes my throat.

I am queer,
A stranger with ambitions
I'm nothing indeed.
But a serpent of illusions
Frighten me if you will,
Gape, gape the earth....!

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