Tuesday, 7 August 2007

a heart's prayer

i heard the raindrops outside falling,
the wind brushing...
i'm lying in bed wrapped by a cold blanket...
i gnawed inside.

outside is dark and cold...even so wet.
suddenly, my cheeks get wet...teardrops running,
that i can't resist.
my heart is aching. the heaven is pouring.

where are the happy hearts?
i'm longing for open arms.
take me out from cold...
outside is damned cold...but inside
is even drizzly empty.

but i can't stand inside, neither outside.
to whom should i run to?
blinded eyes are not trustworthy.
i maybe vendicted unfairly.

kind patience is gone...
gentleness is subtle.
where is your passion?
am i now blind too?

wishing to be senseless...
not to be stone but a rock.
get stronger when being stormed.
(only a wish...)
but i won't let it happen...
pain is what is cost for life.

just spare me from judging eyes.
spare me from hard conscience.
let my fragility breaks.

stop the roaring thunder...
it's a noise i can't bare.
let the sweet words stream...
to sooth the scratch or wound.

i am sorry.
it's your hand i must hold onto,
after the rain, there's a rainbow.
meadows are green...
the flocks and birds are singing.

i am sorry.
some people might not see.
drowned by false thoughts...
lavished by angst and anxieties.

i am sorry.
You are Lord,
whom i must bowed,
submit my heartaches to...

please be my guide,
and my shelter...

in time of rain. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

hi. :) love ur poems. link kita . :)